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Street cleansing is a common practice undertaken by most urban municipalities and civil constructors during the development of new residential and industrial areas. Street sweeping, essentially the operation of large trucks for cleaning street surfaces, is primarily performed for hygienic & aesthetic purposes. It is, often perceived to lead to improvements in the environmental conditions of urban waterways by preventing pollutants deposited on street surfaces from reaching the stormwater system.

Fleet VT651, VT652 & V65T

The latest addition to the AIS Sweeping fleet, the V65t provides longer on-station time with the lowest environmental impact, combined with ease of use and low operational costs.  Featuring a 4mm 1.4003 Stainless steel hopper offering a 6.5 m³ capacity, a 1154Litre water tank and a 3,600mm swept width providing maximum coverage and the wireless discharge control enhancing the safety components. The V65t is the sweeper of choice worldwide for both municipal and contractor sweeping application.

With a 1500 rev Eco-mode built into the V65t, fuel conservation and noise levels are enhanced. A full CANbus integrated door mounted control pad allows the operator to safely adjust all the sweep options.

  • Superior Performance
  • Maximised Productivity

Maximising on-station time requires a balance of having enough water capacity to minimize refills, having enough hopper capacity to cope with large volumes of leaves or debris, having a payload great enough to meet demands of a workday and being able to carry enough fuel to reduce non-productive travel. The V65t provides the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership, with applications to suit a full range of sweeping environments.

  • Low Environmental Impact
  • Low Water usage

The V65t uses as standard yellow mist atomizing jets to reduce water usage by 20%, or red nozzle jets with higher flow are available for heavier applications. The optional Water Recirculation system can save up to 900 litres of water per day extending the on-station time and reducing the risk of dust going through the fan

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