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AIS Sweeping is a specialised commercial and civil service provider, focused on delivering state-of-the-art, cost effective and eco-friendly solutions.

AIS Sweeping specializes in all aspects of mechanical sweeping services and is highly adaptive to your range of requirements,

Over our years of experience, we have built a reputation for impactful delivery. We offer an end-to-end sweeping service across many sectors tailored to meet your individual requirements whether it is a long-term or a short-term relationship or even just a once-off service.

Our ability and capacity to deliver a wide spectrum of services under one umbrella sets the AIS Sweeping to be a distinguished part of the market. Our portfolio has been built upon constantly delivering above set standards and beyond expectation. Setting our priorities as customer first, 100% satisfaction, services above expectations and always giving back to the client.

We connect the talents of professionals with the experience and breadth of knowledge needed to deliver breakthrough solutions.

In today’s day and age, the accelerated changing market, requires a creative problem-solver fuelled by a multi-dimensional approach to provide the required services within the desired budget.

Civil Construction
  • Estate developments
  • Dust suppression
  • Throughout all stages of road building and asphalt/spray sealing work.
  • Finishing sweep before submission of the final estate product to the council
  • Industrial Estates
  • Shopping Centre
Heavy Industrial Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Recycling Plants
  • Bulk Storage
  • Ports
Local Government
  • Street sweeping
  • Footpath sweeping
  • Kerbs & Channels
  • Right of ways
  • VicRoads
  • Residential roads
  • Freeways & Highways
  • Carparks – Indoor & Outdoor

The Division

The AIS Sweeping division operates a complete fleet of plant & equipment able to cater for an extensive breadth of sweeping requirements. Our truck mounted vehicles include our range of street and footpath sweepers and our non-truck mounted equipment range from ride-on to push-back sweepers & scrubbers.

AIS sweeping keeps to the forefront of the industry by re-investing a percentage of our revenues back in Training, Research & Development.

Each piece of plant and equipment is meticulously sourced, modified and adapted to the exact specifications desired to achieve the AIS sweeping standard.

We pride our company in providing services beyond expectations, by providing our clients with the latest technology for unparalleled performance at the most beneficial cost.

GPS system

Tracking and Scheduling System

The AIS fleet is fitted with the most advanced tracking system on the Australian market. Our system sets the benchmark in the industry with functionality, scalability & flexibility well beyond any other product in the market.

Providing all standard telematics functionality, our system further excelled by its ability to provide advanced telematics data which can be data mined to provide correlations between driving behaviour, fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, servicing costs, utilisation and vehicle in service availability times.

AIS Sweeping division range of telematics varies from full video captured reporting and monitoring systems for local councils to the simple GPS only monitoring systems for sectors with minimal requirements.

Live Tracking

  • Live GPS Locations
  • Replay Journeys
  • Receive Alerts for vehicles operating outside defined rules
  • Vehicle Activity Reporting
  • Monitor live locations, speed and driving behaviour

Live Vehicle Data

  • Schedule & Assign Jobs
  • Route Planning and Optimisation
  • View Allocated Jobs
  • Live Vehicle Monitoring
  • Monitor Job Progress
  • Navigate to Jobs
  • Reporting
  • Driver Safety

Leading edge functionality including:

  • Live GPS Tracking showing broom activity
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Historical Journey Replay showing broom activity
  • Easy Customer Service Queries. Eg: "When was my street last swept?"
  • Reporting & Dashboards. Distance Swept, Hours Worked, Distances Traveled etc.
  • Route Planning & Optimisation
  • GIS Interfaces for reporting against kerb and channel data and road attributes

Reverse Smart

The Reverse Smart AEB system has been specifically designed to reduce the incidents of large vehicles or mobile plant impacting workers or objects while reversing. The Reverse Smart AEB detects objects or people behind the vehicle, warns the driver / operator and, unless the driver confirms the nature of the object and specifically triggers the ‘sleep’ mode (which is used when intentionally reversing up to a solid object), applies the vehicles brakes.

The key to the success of the Reverse Smart system lies within its purpose-designed radar, which not only allows for an accurately focussed detection area, but also overcomes many of the limitations that can be experienced by traditional ultrasonic detection.

In addition, the fact that the radar unit is a purpose-built, heavy duty, fully-sealed unit, means that it is unaffected by dust and dirt and is suitable for use in even the harshest operating environments. It’s extremely robust, and maintenance free. The driver or operator doesn’t have to change the way they operate the equipment and there are no additional steps required to operate or calibrate the Reverse Smart system once it has been installed.

Reverse Smart How Does It Work | Reverse Smart

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