AIS SWEEPING Footpath Sweeping

AIS footpath sweeping equipment and process will ensure curb appeal by making the pavement clean and free of rubbish, leaves, dirt and grime. Regular sweeping also improves safety and acts as a preventative maintenance program to extend the life of pavement. Hence regular pavement sweeping removes the tiny particles that will cause premature wear & tear. Our fleet caters for all footpath types and sizes.


The C401, an ideal combination for sweeping urban areas where large hopper capacity and compact agility are equally important.

Superior Performance & Productivity

The C401 range is designed and built to the exacting standards required by demanding municipal environments. Heavy-duty suction power and payloads of up to 5,000kg with 10,5000kg GVM are combined with a patented 4-wheel steer system as standard, to provide capacity and agility without compromise. Comfortable in heavy-duty cleansing environments and crowded streets, the C401 easily cleans the inner-city environment.

Sweep Path

The front-facing brushes can access hard-to-reach areas and the fingertip control, with unrivalled visibility of the brushes and the nozzle, makes the sweeping manoeuvrability comparable to much smaller sweepers.  The unique low-level twin front brush is designed to effortlessly sweep inside corners and hammerheads.

The two front brushes have the widest reach of all 4 cubic sweepers, allowing the C401 brush arm to stretch out from the optimum 2650mm sweeping width, to reach debris 815mm outside of the compact chassis.

With the independently adjustable brush pressure and variable brush speed (which is standard), the C401 can reduce brush wear on a daily sweep, or allow for a deep clean in areas of heavy compacted material.


The C202 offers longer on-station time allowing the sweeper to be out cleaning whilst others are returning to base to tip, refuel or fill with water.


High performance

Maximising on-station time requires a balance of having enough water to allow the operator to fill the hopper on a dry day, having enough hopper volume to cope with large volumes of leaves and litter, having enough of a payload to handle heavy detritus and having enough fuel to last the shift.

CityCat V20e

The Improved suction, enhanced connectivity, increased comfort and most importantly sustainable.

Useable around the clock, the second-generation electric powered sweeper with 1800kg payload and 2700kg weight, delivers an outstanding load capacity for outstanding sweep performance while being respectful to its surroundings.

Future-proof drive system

The CityCat V20e is equipped with a custom-designed 63 kWh Battery Pack that has the capacity to last a full 8-hour shift. Powerful, yet respectful to its surroundings, the sweeper can also be used round the clock – such is its impressive low noise emissions.

This is proven technology with minimal harm to the environment while providing all the power needed.

Reliability & manoeuvrability

Tried and true articulated steering provides exceptional agility, manoeuvrability and maximum directional stability, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on sweeping without worrying about manoeuvring. Articulated steering combined with the front brush means that the vehicle can efficiently and cost-effectively clean everything from the narrowest of passages to the largest of areas.

Powerboss 6XR Industrial Sweeper

The Armadillo Series of Powerboss Floor Sweepers are the most Robust, Durable Industrial Floor Sweepers available on the market today, offering a quality, cost effective sweeper. Manufactured to a heavy-equipment design criteria, it meets the most rigorous of cleaning requirements. It is a fully hydraulic high performance industrial floor sweeper for use on large areas such as warehouses floors, factory floors, heavy industrial sites, outdoor sweeping applications like car parks, bicycle paths and municipal environment. The 6xr sweeping path of 134cm which is perfect for a standard footpath.

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