AIS SWEEPING Airport Sweeping

AIS focused airport sweeping truck mounted machine is designed to keep airports, both civilian and military, safe and operational by cleaning areas quickly and efficiently. We ensure that foreign object debris which cover a variety of material including loose runway material, rocks, sand, bolts which can cause damage to equipment or airport personnel are cleared. Maintaining a clean runway is critical to the smooth operation of any airport henceforth ensuring the safety of employees and passengers.


Built to perform, the R65t balances performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership very effectively. It’s 3500mm sweep path and aggressive Ø1000mm leading arm digger-type gutter brooms provides the operator the ability to sweep/scrub in front of the 2250mm pick-up hood makes it the sweeper of choice for large areas such as airports. Its regenerative air circulation allows full width suction to maximize sweeping speed and is ideal for municipal applications with heavy leaf presence.

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